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[2008-08-25 11:44:49] gpgarrettboast: People always will play op2, so I can say there aren't really any updates. I've completely rewritten my version of op3, but I doubt you have much interest in that d: Good to see you around though. I'd post on your post, but I'm at work haha

#1 2004-03-21 14:33:02

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The reason for 5 of the cheats you see in...

Anyway, I emailed Dan yesterday about a few things... I asked him about the 5 "cheats" that you could turn on in the memory.

Note that I did have the real memory addresses in the email, but I'm not giving them to you here. tongue

> 1) I found 5 memory addresses while playing ingame, that, when set to 01,
> will do things.
> 00[NOYOUCAN'TKNOWIT] - Maximum storage, buildings do not get disabled (at least not
> to power or Command Center link)
> 00[NOYOUCAN'TKNOWIT] - Can produce all of the units of the colony being played as,
> doesn't let you research
> 00[NOYOUCAN'TKNOWIT] - (Very) fast vehicles, ConVecs can move when building structures
> 00[NOYOUCAN'TKNOWIT] - No production/research/training time, all construction sites
> act like they're built on prebulldozed ground, and I think some other
> 00[NOYOUCAN'TKNOWIT] - Trail maps. When a vehicle is moved, it will make a line
> the path it will take, and where it will stop.
> Are these for debug?
Wow, very industrius...? Yes, these are debug settings, so we could see
routing, and test late game problems, and just build.? We had lots of issues
when maps were completely full, (basically out of game memory).? ? Of
course, in multiplayer playing with these dubug settings will the wreck the
game, and cause them to get out of synch.

I was right on my assumption that they were for debug purposes...

And yes, this was almost entirely useless. o_O



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